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I apologize for the ignorance of my youth.


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Bittersweet Memories

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  • Sam This place reminds me of friendships gone down the drain, enemies forgiven, and Basshunter. May 06, 2016 
  • Sam Out of curiosity, does anyone even use this site anymore or remember that it exists? I\'m considering deleting it. Dec 16, 2014 
  • Sam \"all the world is waiting for the sun.........\" Jul 04, 2014 
  • Sam \"not a family or honest plea remains to say, rain, rain, go away, come again another day.\" Jul 04, 2014 
  • Sam please help Jul 04, 2014 
  • Sam I don\'t know what I did to feel this way or even why I do, but I do and I can\'t change it. Jul 04, 2014 
  • Sam I\'m lost, scared, angry, and feel like I made a terrible mistake. Jul 04, 2014 
  • Sam I don\'t know why I feel this way, but I do. Jul 04, 2014 
About Me

I'm now nearly 19. Wonderful. Still engaged, though the biology thing fell through once the professor realized how utterly annoying I am. I only got to go on one outing before she stopped inviting me to tag along. Can't really blame her, though; not even I like myself. :lol:


All of my friends jumped ship once I let depression have me. I hope that they've all made new, better friends and that they've forgotten about my existence. I just kinda sorta started sleeping more, leaving less, and stopped contacting anyone altogether and as of late, no one's questioned it or has come looking for me. It's a bit lonely at first, but once you realize that you're no longer under any obligations to get out of bed, shower, fix your hair, or watch your phone, it's pretty peaceful. I'd have a fridge beside my bed and never leave the house if Charlie didn't live with me, lmfao.


I still have a shit ton of cats; 14's now the total, 15 if you count the stray that shows up from time to time for a place to crash and a bite to eat.


I genuinely do not give a shit at this point. My life goals are now to sucessfully survive this hellhole with Charlie and to open & run a cage free, no-kill cat sanctuary.


Hit me up if you're interested in adopting a cat, need help with your taxes, or simply have nothing better to do; my email's now [email protected] and my kik's Samdolf_the_cheepe . Gmail's too spammy nowadays, ykwim? Toodles ;)

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Reply Bec Noir (A.K.A Sovereign Slayer.)
11:36 AM on April 1, 2015 
I exist but I rarely get on here.
Reply Sam
8:11 PM on July 23, 2013 
*Gnaws on a garden gnome*
Reply KillingLove
8:02 PM on July 23, 2013 
*Rolls around the ground crushing flowers* I love you little flowers so I must crush you :'(
Reply Sam
7:54 PM on July 23, 2013 
*jumps on the bed and ricochets off the walls, floor, and ceiling*
Reply Sam
7:50 PM on July 23, 2013 
Reply KillingLove
7:37 PM on July 23, 2013 
Reply Sam
8:46 PM on July 12, 2013 
Reply Bec Noir (A.K.A Sovereign Slayer.)
8:41 PM on July 12, 2013 
*buttscoot on carpet* -w- wait what? oh yeah I'll help :x *is quiet.... for now*
Reply Bec Noir (A.K.A Sovereign Slayer.)
9:37 AM on May 22, 2013 
Well... music is therapy -w-
Reply Sam
12:14 PM on December 26, 2012 
Good lol sorry it took so long to answer was making breakfast for my little sisters
Reply emmamycat
10:40 AM on December 26, 2012 
sorry i ent been on for a while i was busy with school work and yea thats all how u been?
Reply Sam
2:45 PM on April 23, 2012 
lol thanks! :3
Reply oteriah10
6:39 PM on April 18, 2012 
of course its awsome :)
Reply Sam
10:39 PM on April 17, 2012 
yayys!! lol hope ya like!
Reply oteriah10
9:19 PM on April 16, 2012 
hey i finally joined your website